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  • a black boxing glove rack mounted to a brick wall
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Boxing glove racks, wall mount

Tired of tripping over your boxing gloves every time you enter your home or gym?

Our wall mounted boxing glove racks keep your space organized and tidy, but they also showcase your love of the sport and add a stylish touch to any room.

Available in black, white and stainless steel.

Boxing glove dryers, wall mount

Whether you’re a professional boxer or just starting, this boxing gloves dryer is an essential tool for maintaining your gear.

Say goodbye to gloves that are damp and smelly – a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. With its rugged, wall-mounted design, this glove dryer is perfect for even the heaviest boxing gloves and provides fast drying to keep your equipment in shape.

Available in black and stainless steel.

  • wall mounted black boxing glove dryer with red gloves
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  • shinguard and boxing gloves rack in a gym
  • shinguard and boxing glove rack
  • shin guard rack

Shin guard & boxing glove racks,
Wall mount

Manage your protective gear in style with our premium boxing glove and shin guard rack.

Constructed from durable steel, this wall mounted rack is the perfect all-in-one companion for drying and storing your martial arts gear.
With its understated design and simple functionality, this rack is perfect for those who want to make a personal statement!

Available in black and stainless steel.

Boxing glove racks, Freestanding

Keep your boxing gloves organized and within easy reach with our high quality freestanding glove racks.

The freestanding design makes it easy to place anywhere without taking up too much space.

Available in black, white and stainless steel.

  • white boxing glove rack placed in a boxing ring
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  • boxing glove dryers
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Boxing glove dryers, FREESTANDING

Forget about damp and smelly boxing gloves with our stylish and robust freestanding glove dryer.

With its freestanding design and simple functionality, our dryer is easy to set up and use anywhere in your home or gym. Keep your gloves dry and fresh between sessions with ease!

Available in black, white and stainless steel.

Multi racks for boxing gloves,
Wall mount

Get ready to rumble before the bell rings with our boxing glove multi racks!

The ultimate upgrade for displaying your collection of the boxing gloves you like to fight with. Keep your sparring and bag gloves in the same place, always within easy reach. Constructed entirely of steel, our gloves rack provides a sturdy and durable solution for organizing and storing your gloves – a must-have for any serious fighter.

Available in black and stainless steel.

  • Storage rack for shin guards and boxing gloves bolted to a concrete wall
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  • multi dryer for boxing gloves
  • mully dryers for boxing gloves
  • Ingosson brand multi boxing glove dryer

Multi dryers for boxing gloves,
wall mount

The ultimate solution for boxing clubs and gyms – the heavy duty Multi Boxing Glove Dryer!

Made from black powder coated steel, this durable dryer can hold up to three sets of boxing gloves. Each pair of gloves can be dried individually within a very short time. Keeps your gloves dry, odor-free and in fighting condition for longer.

Available in black and stainless steel.

Headgear racks, wall mount

The condition of your headgear can affect your health during sparring and amateur competition.

That’s why proper storage is essential to prevent wear and tear. With its sturdy steel construction, our Headgear Rack is a welcome addition to our boxing glove dryers or racks, keeping your equipment well ventilated and in pristine condition for longer.

Available in black and stainless steel.

  • wall mounted rack for fighting headgear in a boxing gym
  • wall hanger for fighting headgear
  • racks for helmet and boxing gloves wall mounted
  • black headgear rack bolted to a brick wall
  • A young woman fends off an attacker with a Kubotee.
  • Kubotee selfdefence tool with keys attached
  • a red Kubotee self defence tool in a holster
  • a set of 3 Kubotee self defence tools


No more fear of walking in the dark with a Kubotee!

A compact self-defence tool that can be used effectively in high-pressure situations where seconds count.