lasercut casings for boxing glove dryer lying in a wooden

lasercut casings for Boxing glove Dryer

steel is still one of the toughest materials available, it can take a good beating, fall onto the floor, be kicked around, and if it`s warped just bend it straight! It won`t get brittle like plastic and if anything breaks we can fix it. Our products are robust and made to last a lifetime.

For our stainless versions we use grade 1.4301 all around. The powder coated versions are made of mild steel S235. All joints are TIG welded.

They are definitely not lightweight. The plain rack is 1.2kg (2.65lbs) and the rack with drying function is a whopping 2.5kg (5.5lbs). But this is how it should be; they will stand safely even if you push them accidentally. If they are too heavy for you, you should train harder!

The rack is 33cm (13″) high, 30cm (11.8″) wide, 13cm (5.1″) deep. The rack with drying function is 37cm (14.6″) high, 30cm (11.8″) wide and 15cm (5.9″) deep. They will fit boxing gloves from 8 ounces upwards.

We recommend cleaning the outside with a damp cloth with detergent. But you can use the toughest disinfectant you can find- remember it`s stainless steel! The powder coating is also durable and insensitive; it`s tough enough to be used for car rims as well. With our parts there is no melting or getting soft like plastic does.

But never dip the dryer units in water or try pouring water in the ventilation holes. This will destroy the electical components and the fan!

Air is vacuumed through the ventilation plate at the bottom and blown out through the holes at the end of the tubes. The air is redirected at the top of the glove and damp air will flow downwards around the tube out of the boxing glove. We don`t drill holes in the circumference of the tube because this would disturb the flow.

Heating will ruin the leather in expensive gloves. Wet leather will shrink and go brittle when exposed to heat. The upholstery foam can be damaged and bonds can disolve. The best and gentlest method for drying is a steady air exchange.

The volume flow of the fan is 56.1m³/h, definitely not strong enough to inflate a ballon or other funny things, but perfect to get out wet, salty air.

The fan is rated 28dba, this is about the same level as a desktop PC. Wether that is noisy, you will have to decide for yourself.

The power consumption of the drying unit is 1.1W, the plug power adapter is from 100-240V AC to 12V DC 1A.

The length of the cable on the power adapter plug is 90cm (35.4″). If this is too short, no problem. We have slim extension cords to attach between the power adapter plug and the drying unit. They are available in the shop in 1m ( 39.4″), 3m (118.1″), 5m (196.8″) and for those living in a very cool loft, 10m (396.7″)

That depends!! Some people sweat a lot and can wring out their hand wraps, others have bone dry hands even after a tough sparring.

But always take care of your equipment, place gloves on a rack to dry out with or without ventilation, don`t let them rot away, smelling and neglected in your training bag. They have accompanied you through hard times…

First of all, our parts are made to last . This will help the environment more than anything else. Don`t consume resources over and over again.

As all our racks are made of steel, they are easy to recycle and can start a new life.

In case of defect, they are easy to repair. All electrical components inside are easily accessible and replacable. The drying units have a very low power consumption and can be used for drying even without the fan working.

The powder coating is made with non toxic coatings from a certified company that will observe the strictest environmental regulations.

We produce in Germany, as a company with high social standards, occupational safety and health protection.

Our products comply with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive 2012/19/EU (WEEE).
We are a registered manufacturer under WEEE Reg. No. DE78872857

We are a registered manufacturer according to §9 German Packaging Act (VerpackG).
LUCID Reg.No. DE1664712681037

You can find detailed operating instructions in many languages here:

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