• supports your natural defence reflex motions
  • easy to use even under extreme stress situations
  • won`t slip out of hand
  • smooth ergonomic design, no spikes and sharp edges
  • with key`s attached a stylish key-ring EDC tool
  • Kubotee with stainless keyring in different colors available.
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The Kubotee is a simple but effective keyring tool for self-defense.

It is used for hitting, punching and stabbing bony, fleshy and sensitive parts of an attacker. Used as a pressure point tool, it is extremely effective in stopping an attacker, even for a much weaker person. Clinch and choke holds are easily broken by applying pressure to the hands, fingers or forearms. With keys attached, it can be used as a flailing weapon.

With its firm grip, lightweight design and easy keychain attachment, the Kubotee is a discreet and effective weapon for keeping a safe distance or incapacitating a potential aggressor.

Do not be a victim!

A Kubotee is not a toy!

When using the Kubotee, you can cause serious injuries to other people. Please note the possibly valid legal regulations of your home country!

Please note the possibly valid legal regulations of your home country


Tough build alloy construction


Minimalist design, sleek and stylish


Effective and safe defence system

Designed for easy and effective self-defence