shin guard & glove racks, wall-mounted


Tough build steel construction


Store your shin guards and boxing gloves together on a rack with a stylish appearance safely bolted to the wall .

Will look great  anywhere


dry out your fight equipment , no more smelly, unhygienic boxing gloves  and shin guards rotting away in your training bag.

stainless boxing glove display rack bolted to a grey brick wall

black shin guard rack with a single glove bolted to a brick wall
shin guard & boxing glove rack, black coated
black shin  and  glove guard rack bolted to a brick wall
shin protectors wall hanger, black
stainless shin guard rack with gloves bolted to a brick wal
shin guard & boxing glove rack, stainless steel





Works with all types of shin protectors


The stylish and practical storage of your fighting equipment. Works with all types of shin guards. Whether with or without foot protection or elastic design the protectors won't fall off the rack.

Design your own customised  rack or dryer

Close up of the name Steven engraved to a stainless boxing glove rack
Stevens boxing glove stand


We inscribe our stainless steel stands or dryers with names, logos or other elements according to your specifications.
Send us an email with your idea



Close-up of the lettering -the black eye cub- on a stainless steel boxing glove stand
One of the world most exclusive clubs

Close-up of  logo- The bleeding nose club- on a stainless steel stand
Another famous club

Stainless Steel Boxing Glove Wall Stand with Engraving Attached to a Brick Wall
Boxing glove wall stand with engraving

Krav Maga Logo
Krav Maga Logo



Custom colours
We coat your boxing glove stand or dryer in your favourite colour.
Send us an email with your desired colour and receive a personal offer.

Coloured boxing glove stands against a grey background
Boxing glove rack, colour coated

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The boxing gloves and other assesoirs shown in the pictures are for illustration purposes only and are not part of the sale offer.